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Retreat Dharma Talks at Insight Santa Cruz

Come & Go 2019: A Non-Residential Retreat

The annual “Come and Go” all-community Insight Santa Cruz non-residential retreat. Practitioners were welcome to come and go as you like - to fit this retreat into their schedules however they could - welcome to come to any part/parts, or to all of the retreat. This serves to support practitioners in bringing practice more directly into daily life.

A traditional meditation retreat, we offered periods of silent sitting and walking meditation, as well practice discussions. Teachers offered daily talks and meditation instructions that are embedded in the spirit of loving-kindness. The teachings emphasize quieting the mind, opening the heart, and developing clarity and depth of practice.

2019-05-22 (6 days) Insight Santa Cruz

2019-05-24 Working With Challenges - Gregor Levy 26:08
ISC Community Facilitators
A Dharma talk on working with challenges in meditation and integration of Dharma into life. Given by ISC Community Facilitator Gregor Levy during the ISC Come and Go Non-Residential Retreat May 2019
2019-05-25 2019 Come and Go Retreat - Identity: What We Take to be Our Self 28:08
Kim Allen
We identify with a lot of things - our bodies, what we like/dislike, our life stories, our values, our political views, and even our sense of knowing all of these things. This talk explores the shifting collage of identifications that make up our self-views; and the ways and whys of practicing with this rich realm of experience.
2019-05-25 The Three Marks of Existence Dharma Talk - Jace Freyman 27:40
ISC Community Facilitators
A dharma talk on the 3 marks of existence: Dukkha, Anicca, and Anatta. Given by ISC Community Facilitator Jace Freyman during the ISC Come and Go Non-Residential Retreat in May 2019.
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