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Kara Haney's Dharma Talks at Insight Santa Cruz
Kara Haney
Kara has been practicing meditation and studying Buddhism since 1993. She has been leading Vipassana meditation since 1996. Kara practices the fifth precept of full renunciation from intoxicants and has over twenty years sober. In 2013 she assisted in starting Buddhist recovery groups “Refuge Recovery” in Santa Cruz and has been a foundational member and mentor for the community. Kara attends multiple silent Vipassana retreats each year. She has attended Gil Fronsdal’s online Sutta Study course and has also been trained to facilitate Mindfulness and Buddhist meditation through the Against the Stream Meditation Society. Kara has been active as the Program Coordinator for Insight Santa Cruz for four years and has been a member of the Board for the last three years. She teaches weekly meditation groups at Insight Santa Cruz, such as “Fierce Hearts” on Sunday; where new and experienced practitioners meditate, discuss the dharma, and practice transforming greed, hatred, and delusion by way of the heart. Kara currently lives in downtown Santa Cruz and recently went back to school to study towards a master’s degree in Social Work. To directly contact Kara, email
2020-12-09 32 Parts of the Body—Heart, Liver, Diaphragm, Spleen, Lungs 36:56
We are happy to announce a special opportunity to practice the 32 Parts of the Body meditation, which is rarely taught in the West. This practice deepens insight into impermanence and non-self by penetrating into the true nature and wonders of the body. We will also explore how the body interrelates with the four primary elements of earth (solidity), air (motion), fire (temperature), and water (liquidity). This methodical practice of the 32 Parts of the Body Meditation can build immense levels of concentration, potentialities for healing, and experience the taste of deep freedom and peace. This is the 15th year of offering this class at Insight Santa Cruz and it has been truly wonderful. People have frequently reported developing a whole new relationship to their bodies with greater wisdom and compassion. We will also be hopefully doing a tour of the Cabrillo Anatomy lab to get a deeper experience of the body.

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