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Shane Hill's Dharma Talks at Insight Santa Cruz
Shane Hill
Shane Hill is a clinical psychologist, mindfulness teacher, and a community facilitator here at ISC. He has been practicing Vipassana/Insight Meditation for many years, has studied and trained in both Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism, has been trained by Bob Stahl, the guiding teacher at ISC, in MBSR and community facilitation, and is an on-going student of the Suttas, the Dharma, and of Life, the greatest moment to moment teacher of all.
2020-02-20 Meeting Emotional Suffering With Awareness #3 - Fear & Anxiety 52:12
This is the third part of the 4-meeting series taught by ISC Community Facilitator, Shane Hill. This dharma talk and meditation focus on fear and anxiety. Specific practices are given to use investigation, mindfulness, and concentration anchoring practice to increase our capacity to be with intense internal experience related to fear.

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