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Jill Hyman's Dharma Talks at Insight Santa Cruz
Jill Hyman
Jill Hyman has practiced yoga since 1974, Vipassana meditation with ISC since 2000. Her practice is influenced by the Thai Forest tradition (Ajahn Sumedho & Ajhan Amaro), Dzogchen (Tsoknyi Rinpoche), the many teachers from Spirit Rock & IMS, and especially Shinzen Young (Vipassana Support Institute). She has served as a volunteer chaplain at Salinas Valley State Prison since 2001, heading the program with Bruce since 2003. She completed the 2 & 1/2 year Spirit Rock Community Dharma Leader Program in January 2008. She teaches classes for beginners, those new to practice, metta, and established the family program.
2019-03-08 Behind Locked Doors: Dharma Practice with the Men in Blue 2:07:26
Jill & Bruce Hyman and friends share about their experience offering a dharma group at Salinas Valley State Prison. "What would motivate someone to spend each Tuesday afternoon in a maximum-security prison (Salinas Valley State Prison) with Men in Blue?"
Insight Santa Cruz
2015-12-10 Chickpea Dharma 49:35
Insight Santa Cruz 2015 ISC Non-residential Retreat
2014-12-03 My Precious Gems: The Five Hindrances to Mindful Awareness 53:53
Insight Santa Cruz (Insight Retreat Center) December 2014 Retreat
2013-05-24 Mindfulness of Feeling Retreat 47:20
Insight Santa Cruz
2012-05-24 Challenges in Practice Challenges in Life 53:40
Insight Santa Cruz
2011-05-27 2011 Retreat Day 2 48:00
Insight Santa Cruz
2011-04-21 Metta 1:25:15
Insight Santa Cruz

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