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Spiritual Bypass and the War on Emotions
2019-09-29 Spiritual Bypass and the War on Emotions 1:59:43
Dave Smith
“Our emotions can lead us to our greatest joys and most painful sorrows. In their most creative capacity, they are guides pointing us toward who we truly are and what is most meaningful in our lives. At their most destructive, we are caught by them: lost in the grip of anger, sadness, fear – we’re overwhelmed. This suffering is something we have all felt, but we can create more space, choice, and ease in the face of it. Spiritual Bypass refers to those times when we fall into the trap of misusing mindfulness practices to repress or avoid strong emotional states that we don’t want to face: anger, sadness, fear, or the feeling of being overwhelmed. Dave discusses how our practice can be used to understand and heal emotional suffering.”
Insight Santa Cruz

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