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Kim Allen's Dharma Talks at Insight Santa Cruz
Kim Allen
Kim Allen practiced with Gil Fronsdal for a dozen years, and now serves on the Teacher’s Council at Insight Santa Cruz. She has spent cumulative two years in silent retreat, and lived for another two years at the Insight Retreat Center. She has studied the suttas with Gil, Bhikkhu Bodhi, and Shaila Catherine, and offers classes for dedicated students. She has completed the Sati Center’s Buddhist Chaplaincy training program, and is the founder of the Buddhist Insight Network. Her teaching emphasizes the willingness to look truthfully at experience, and to soften in light of what is seen.
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2017-03-02 Q and A March 2017 31:15
2017-02-23 Faith and Verified Faith 49:01
2017-02-18 Progression of Practice 43:42
2017-02-09 Joy 3 -- Joy in the Path and Practice 37:27
Part 3 of a 3-part series on different types of Joy
2017-01-19 Joy 2 -- Piti -- Meditative Joy 46:32
2017-01-17 Secret Blessings 18:37
2017-01-15 Overview of the Pali Canon 1:45:50
The meditation practices taught in the Insight movement trace their origins to the earliest known teachings of the Buddha. These discourses are part of the scriptures called the Pali Canon. This session offers an overview of the texts of the Pali Canon and some historical background on the development of Buddhism. We will also read some suttas (discourses) demonstrating different styles.
2017-01-12 Joy 1 -- Mudita 41:29
Part 1 of a series of talks about different aspects of Joy
2017-01-10 Faith and Hope in a Changing World 13:43
2016-12-11 8FP Wise Speech part 2 7:52

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