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Dharma Talks given at Insight Santa Cruz
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2020-04-08 Liberating Teachings of the Buddha -- 3 54:55
  Kim Allen
A four part series on sutta teachings about Nibbana. (Session 2 was not recorded)

2020-04-07 Flowers as Dharma Beauty 14:55
  Kim Allen

2020-04-03 The Liberating Teachings of the Buddha - 1 25:12
  Kim Allen
A four-part series on the teachings about Nibbana, Awakening, Enlightenment -- and the path to realizing this.

2020-03-27 Dawn of Dharma 5 - Consciousness 14:35
  Kim Allen
Fifth of five talk on the Five Aggregates

2020-03-26 Dawn of Dharma 4 - Mental Fabrications 14:50
  Kim Allen
Fourth of a 5-part series on ways we identify

2020-03-25 Dawn of Dharma 3 - Perception 15:16
  Kim Allen
Third of a five-part series on areas of experience where we tend to identify and create suffering.

2020-03-24 Dawn of Dharma 2 - Feeling 12:10
  Kim Allen
Five part series (part 2)

2020-03-23 Dawn of Dharma 1 - The Body 12:52
  Kim Allen
Five aspects of our experience where we tend to create suffering through how we relate to them. Tips on relating well to these five areas.

2020-03-08 ISC Eightfold Path Program - Right Effort - G Schultz and Jim Memmott 1:25:36
  G Schulz
ISC Eightfold Path Program : Right Effort, G Schultz and Jim Memmott

2020-03-05 Meeting Emotional Suffering With Awareness #4 - Self-Compassion 50:25
  Shane Hill
This is the fourth and final part of the 4-meeting series taught by ISC Community Facilitator, Shane Hill. This dharma talk and meditation practices use the Brahma-Viharas of Metta (Lovingkindness) and Karuna (Compassion) to focus our attention toward ourselves and all inner experience with kindness.

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