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Dharma Talks given at Insight Santa Cruz
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2019-03-08 Behind Locked Doors: Dharma Practice with the Men in Blue 2:07:26
  Jill Hyman
Jill & Bruce Hyman and friends share about their experience offering a dharma group at Salinas Valley State Prison. "What would motivate someone to spend each Tuesday afternoon in a maximum-security prison (Salinas Valley State Prison) with Men in Blue?"

2019-02-03 Insight Santa Cruz - Who We Are and Where Are We Heading 1:12:37
  Bob Stahl
Guiding Teacher Bob Stahl leads an open Sangha gathering in a sacred and formal ceremony Honoring the Insight Santa Cruz Community Teachers and Facilitators, and offers a Dhamma talk on his vision of ISC, now and moving forward.

2019-01-13 8FP Program -- Wise Action 1:39:21
  Kim Allen
The Buddha’s most explicit path of practice is the Eightfold Path. This is a set of eight practical approaches to bring Buddhist practice into the breadth and depth of our lives. The Eightfold Path Program is an introduction to each of the Eightfold factors so participants will discover how to apply each set of practices in ways that are personally meaningful. Participants have the opportunity to be mentored by a senior student during the program. Pre-requisite: Completion of ISC Introduction to Meditation course, an MBSR course, or the equivalent. Registration is required. Teachers: Kim Allen, Leslie Tremaine, G Schulz, & Other ICS Teachers

2019-01-10 Integrating the Dhamma: A Monthlong Retreat in Your Daily Life 1:26:23
  Kim Allen
The Dhamma is meant to be embodied, both on the cushion and in our daily lives - this makes it "onward-leading." This monthlong program will enliven our practice for the new year. The Five Spiritual Faculties serve as tools to develop our Dhamma skills, and also to evaluate and balance our practice. We will explore the Faculties through weekly meetings consisting of group practice discussion, teachings, and sutta readings. There will also be reflections to deepen and integrate our Dhamma understanding, and the support of spiritual friendship.

2018-12-20 Effort, Heart, and Anti-Fragility 36:26
  Kim Allen

2018-12-09 8FP Program -- Wise Speech part 2 49:04
  Kim Allen

2018-12-09 8FP Program -- Wise Speech part 1 63:37
  Leslie Tremaine

2018-12-06 Lojong Slogans 44:33
  Kim Allen

2018-12-01 Pilgrimage: Inner Journeys In Outer Spaces 1:58:21
  Shantum Seth
"There are four places, the sight of which will arouse strong emotions in those with faith. Here the Tathagata was born… Here the Tathagata attained enlightenment… Here the Tathagata set in motion the Wheel of the Dharma... Here the Tathagata attained final Nirvana… And, the monk, the nun, the layman or laywoman who has faith should visit these places.” - The Buddha Before he died, the Buddha suggested that it would be of great benefit to those who are interested in his teachings to make a pilgrimage to the places associated with his life. While visiting the outer spaces associated with the historical Buddha, a pilgrimage allows us to make an inner journey enveloped by the profound Dhamma offered by the Buddha. As a pilgrimage leader and longtime teacher in the community of Thích Nhat Hanh, Shantum Seth will be sharing some of the teachings of the Buddha within the context of his Indian homeland.

2018-11-16 Dialogue in the Suttas -- session 3 1:17:41
  Kim Allen
Third of three classes on sutta study.

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